i did a fresh install on my compaq pavilion 8543c desktop, but when i finished i could not connect to the internet so i tried to do a ipconfig/reset but when i typed "ipconfig /released" i got a message saying "no operation can be performed on the local area connection while it has its media disconnected." I believe that i am missing a driver but i can't find out or don't know what driver i need to connect to the internet,can any one help me?

Go to the HP/Compaq support site and put in your model number. It will take you to a page where you can download the drivers for your system.

I do that and it says that there is a dirver to DL but then when i click on it,nothing is there for me to DL, then i went to XPDrivers and DL "Download All Models (Universal) Drivers for Windows XP (32 and 64-bit)" but when i go to open it i get a erra mesage, i'm really haveing a hard time finding the right driver.

ok i went and got the service pack 3 DL, and saved it to my flash then tried to install it on there but when i tried to open the Driver Installer i got the same error message

Windows can be a pain about changing the driver. Try this... Uninstall the current driver (if there is one) and shut the system down completely (pull the plug and wait 1 minute) then reboot go into the BIOS and see if you can change the IRQ of the NIC or reset the data (ESCD Configuration Data or something like that). Then boot windows and see if it picks up the device as new and loads the correct driver. I have had to do this before and it works 80% of the time. If it down not email me the specs on the computer and I have almost every NIC driver ever made and will send you a link to one that works.