I'm sorry if this isn't in the right place.

The webhost I have has been hacked several times. Today it was hacked twice, and it's causing some big traffic loss for me.

Should I stick with this host, or do they realy have issues with being hacked?

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I have been running my webhosting company (http://sustainedhits.com) for over 6 years and we have never been hacked.

This is unaccpetable to me.

I would find a new host.

I want to switch but it would be hard to beat this package I have. It's $2 a month and comes with all kinds of software packages.

How hard would it be to switch hosts without the site going down?

Well switching to a new host can be transparent if you know what you are doing.

What packages do they offer that keeps you ther that you couldn't run on your own?

Actually I'm not using any of their software packages anymore. The biggest thing is price. I cannot afford much and don't need much right now.

They offer me this:

100mb of storage space
4 gig of data transfer
2 mysql databases

it costs $2 a month

I don't haven't found someone yet that charges like that. I don't need some huge $20 package right now. I only want something small to begin with.

One thing you could do is use a separate DNS manager to host the DOMINS only

then you can easily change the A or CNAME to any backup (including FREE hosts) when you need one in an emergency

Also some hack-scipts are design to ruin Index.html pages - keep an isolated backup of the index.html page in another directory

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