I have a Motorola Surf Board Cable modem and I have gone to my cmd and then put in ipconfig then got my "Gateway Default ip" then put it in the browser and it said that it has moved to another web address. Did I do something wrong or is it not accessible?

Are you trying to connect to it from your browser? I'm not privy to all that products features, are you trying to do remote configurations to it in your browser like you can on the typical consumer grade router? Please clarify.

This is the FAQ's for your product. I didn't see anything pertaining to remote logins to your modem as a gateway. You can do that with a router, but this product is supposed to be connected to a router it looks like.

...I admit I don't know any without further explanation.

No, my modem is connected directly to my computer and no router is connected to it, and yes I am trying to connect to it via my browser.

did you try https://<modem ip> as apposed to http://<modem ip>?

My router is set up similarly but for secure socket only and I would get a similar 404 or such using straight port 80.