I have two computer with xp and one with vista. I want to connect all the drives together. I made the workgroup and it's all the same on all three computers, they're all connected. I can remote desktop each of them on each of them. On one XP I can put the drive on share and it works: the entire drive. I put the whole drive on share on both the vista and the 2nd XP (we'll refer to that one as XP 2) and they show up on the other computers but I cannot access either one. I even try manually to input the location but It always says, "You cannot access this file. Access is Denied" or something along those lines. I've tried mapping them too, but if I try to map a different drive on a different network, 1. I use a regular username and it says i can't login with that. 2. I use the username for the computer i'm trying to access and it says only one computer can access it at a time. Please help me.

You may have created the workgroups but have you checked your network addresses.

Also be sure to be logged in as an administrator on all computers,

And that you put in the right permissions