Hi guys, i want your help and ideas.

I'm doing a project where a robot will collect data from a camera. Those data(pictures) i want to be send to me wirelessly.. How can achive that??

I have a camera that capable to send realtime the video that it sees to a TV using Radio Frequency waves (RF waves). Can i send data to a computer using those waves or it's defficult?

Open for new ideas.. thnx for your time

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Ripperman, welcome to the forum! What brand camera and model are you using?

Many IP cameras can send files remotely over the internet to a computer, usually via an ftp client, whether it's connected via ethernet cable or wirelessly. Normally, the camera can be programmed through its software to function this way automatically but to interface to your robot is going to take a script. Interfacing back to the camera programming is going to be the trick.

I suggest you contact the camera manufacturer and see if they can help or guide you to someone that they know that can. zeroth

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