Since I starting dabbling in many areas of the tech world, I think I've lost some of the basic networking concepts I should already know. So I'm running into a problem:

I came into a job with a network in place. After some issues, we had replaced some equipment to handle the users. Here's what we have so far:

DSL modem -> Linksys E3000 -> 2X Access Points (Small business grade)

The problem comes into play when a large amount of users join the network. When it's ~50 users, the network is ok, sometimes needs a reboot, but generally ok. But today we had >50 and users repeatedly lost connection to the AP or lost internet access while on the network.

Right now, the max amount of users at any given time shouldn't be over 100, but in the future (3rd QT 2011), likely will. I want to take care of the problem now with equipment that will not be useless later if and when our user base increases.

It seems like my problem lies in the Linksys E3000 capabilities. It likely can't handle that many concurrent users at once. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If I placed a more robust switch in between the E3000 and the APs, will this help? I'm looking at the Cisco SRW2008MP (sorry, no link provided as I don't remember the forum rules on links). Will the switch in place help balance the load of so many users?

Or is my problem also the Access Points? Or am I missing a very basic network concept here?

Thanks in advanced!