I just started at small radio station and the owner asked me to make it so that all the computers can see the files on the other computers. I believe there are 4 desktops, 3 running Windows XP (i just started and dont know much about the specs but I will work on getting that this week) and a windows 7 machine. All are 32 bit. There are also personal laptops that they may want to add this too.

What are my options? I have some of the files connected through windows but I am thinking he wants something that looks better and easier to access. I believe all the computers are all hooked up by a basic wireless router. If you need more info let me know, I will spend the rest of the day getting the specs about each computer. Which leads me to another question, What is the easiest way to do that? I know how to get the info but I wanted to know about other ways that might show more information..maybe by using the command prompt?

I tried workgroups but that doesnt work as well and you need to restart the computer. I cant do that right now because the radio station is dependent on that computer.

The router is DHCP instead of manual.

The new problem that I am running into is that i am not able to share between xp and 7 but I can do from 7 to 7 and 7 to xp. I am searching the internet and ran into some tutorials but they all say to turn off the password sharing, and that is already off. I am open to any ideas on what could be wrong and to trying them out. I made it so that the sharing is full access so they all can read and write on all the shared computer. HELP, my boss wants this to be working as soon as possible.

Dude...I have a time taking solution..But it will the richest solution...

When ever we go for 7 or more hosts...
Please go for a Switch to solve all your issues...
Go for 1800, 2600, 3600 cisco switches that are sold for dead cheap rate at ebay, amazon.
The other ways will have issues on its own.

By that time of buying try to learn (spend 2 hours)some VLAN basics and switching basics.

links to read,
1. www.cisco.com/ then try searching for switching in that site

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