hi :)
Here's my problem:
I have a Apache / mysql server working on a Redhat 9 computer. Internet is avaible in this network from a Xp pro machine. What I want to do is to make the web services avaible anywhere in the web using my public IP adress... To say it differently, i would like my xp pc to route http request to my linux server.
Someone can help me ?

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You'd have to configure your XP box as a router to do that, and I'm not entirely sure it has that capability. Would it be possible to use your Linux box as your firewall/router/gateway? You could use iptables to handle the routing and the firewall rules, including NAT, which might be your better option.

Thanks for your message but I really need to do it with my windows box. I've found the way to do this: port mapping. The software Comtun can do it perfectly. Thanks ankyway

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