I would like to use one of my (older) computers as a media center PC and store all of my home videos on that computer, along with some music that I wont be keeping on my main PC. Once those files are all on that computer, is there a way to access the media on that computer from other computers on my network? If someone could post a guide or a webpage that would be great!

Note: I'd prefer not to use a third-party service like DropBox or something similar to that, and I would also prefer to do this for free and not have to buy a program or a new computer.


Re: How to stream media from one computer to multiple computers over a network? 80 80

its very simple.

what version of windows is the media center pc running? just have that computer have a music share that is shared with all the home group. join all other machines on your home group - and all should have access to the music.

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