Hi guys
looking for a lil bit of help ...
A friend of mine is living in Canada and wants to watch live rugby/hurling from Ireland(where i am)the online rte Iplayer wont let him view from outside Ireland.

i have no problems with him connecting through my broadband and as such we have tried some vpn's... which as i am sure you have guessed dont quite give the clearest of pictures (damn flicker !)

is it a case of setting up a private proxy for him ?...or is there some other kind of wonderful internets magic that i can throw at it ?

Thanks in advance for helping out a homesick puppy ;)

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Slingbox is your answer it cost a couple bucks but it works great! Not sure what the behavior will be like from Ireland to Canada but I know it works great within the states from east coast to west.

If you end up using slingbox I would be interested to know how it works out for you. BTW you will need a broadband connection at both locations.

we had discussed slingbox before but we figured that we were both too poor for any kind of paying malarky cos it would only be every other game he would want to watch.
i think at this stage i might have to record the stream and send it on to him....which would probably mean i would actually have to keep an eye on the games (sports ...yuk!!)

thanks tho.

I can't think of any other options for live streaming sorry. I will give it some more thoughts and if something strikes me I will post it.

we have same problem France to UK etc. Some satellites may pick up the signal but that depends on position. The other solution that does work from friends in South Africa (and the only one they can use!) is to use a proxy server. (Google to get a choice) and that way you hide the home ISP address from the TV broadcaster and fool it into thinking it is a local address. The BBC intend to implement iplayer in usa sometime soon but it will be a pay service!

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