My computer isn't detecting any internet connections. I haven't switched yo anything different I don't no what's happened. I am using my iPod to go on neighbors Internet but my computer won't even pick up that.

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You really didn't give a whole lot of information to go off of so I will give you the basic troubleshooting steps.

Test your modem first, plug your computer directly into the modem bypass any switches, firewalls, wireless, etc. Then shutdown your computer and disconnect the power from your modem. Wait 10 seconds then reconnect the power and turn your computer back on. If you now have internet there is a problem with a device behind your modem. If you have no access then it could be a problem with your modem, I would contact your ISP and see if they can see your modem.

If you would like further assistance post the results of the test above.

is your computer wired or wirelessly connected? do you have a router connected to the modem first, or is your computer directly connected to the modem?

Do you have a ethernet cable if yes try using that and see whether you can connect to the internet if not try reseting your modem. are you using a mac. If yes i can help i don't much about windows

For MAc Users only. you might want to go to system preferences and choose network. If you are the admin of your computer click on assist me and follow the onscreen instructions. click on diagnostics if you can't access internet or click on assistant if you did not configure your I.P adress in the first place.

is you LAN is built in or external? put some information so that we can help you...

Yeah i agree with benmar. is your lan built inside your computer or external. Are you using mac or windows?

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