I have a dell windows vista laptop & a Dell windows XP desktop ( I know I need to upgrade it). I would like to know the best and easiest way I can network & set up my laptop and desktop with my modem for my desktop and router for my laptop.


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If I am reading you post correctly you have A desktop (XP), a Laptop (Vista), a router (wireless or not) and a Modem (Cable or DSL) and want to be able to use the internet and to share files on both systems.

The systems should have no problem connecting to the router and provided the network cards on both are set to get an IP from the router (DHCP or Obtain an address automatically) you should be able to use the internet on both at the same time. TO get the two to communicate you will need to make sure a protocol is loaded on the Desktop system. Go to Control Panel, Network Connections the right click on Local Area Connnection and then select properties. When the box comes up look through the list for

NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS Compatible Transport.

This protocol is what lets two windows systems see each other and communicate. If it is not listed click the Install button just below the box and select "Protocol" you should see NWLink IPX/SPX in the list. Selcet it and click OK. It will take a second to load then OK the first screen and reboot the computer.

On the Vista system go to Network and sharing center and turn on File Sharing, Network Discovery, and Public folder sharing.

If this is not what you had in mind send a little more detail.

My bad for taking long to reply but you basicly answered my question & I will soon try to configure my computers and modem/wireless router the way you instructed it. Thanks

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