Hy ,

I have a question :
I live in a campus where all computers are in a LAN , in each room there is a rooter or switch that makes another LAN for that room so i could say it is a LAN in another LAN.
I saw that i am able to connect to my other computer in my room (that has xampp(mysql,phpmyadmin) installed on it) by IP , but the moment i put a proxy and port to connect to internet the only way to access my other computer was by it`s name.
All the IP`s are set dynamic.(But i know the IP`s i need)

Is there another way to connect to it while i have a proxy?
Or is there any way to connect to my neighbour computer by IP that is in another "LAN" (it has xampp installed on it)?


Hi there,

There are ways, of course. But it depends on what you're hoping to do? Or better still, what you need to do? If you merely need to access the second computer then a software approach would suffice.

If it's a university campus for instance, a number of them implement IT network policies that prevent certain things.