Hi all -- I'm new here so please excuse my lack of knowledge on teh subject...

I've been trying to set up my OLD Netgear Wireless Modem at my parents for the past few days and nothing seems to work, as the "i" information light never turns green and stays orange all the time -- I've read a little about this and it seems to not be communicating with the wireless modem.

I can directly connect the DSL modem to my computer and the connection is great. When I set up the wiring for the wireless connection, however, the signal pops up and says theres a strong wireless signal but i cannot connect to the internet and the "i" like I said never turns green to show that information is being transferred from the modem to the router and then the computer.

I always used the modem -- Netgear RangeMax Wireless Gigabit Router WNR3500U/WNR3500L with a cable modem, could it be that it will not work with a DSL modem?

Please help asap!!


You either have the modem connected to the wrong port on the router (it needs to be connected to the WAN port), or the cable is the wrong sort (cross-over vs. not cross-over), or the router is fubar.

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