I have a project at my networking class, since i'm a beginner i don't have much knowledge about it. I appreciate your helpful tips...

1. The existing systems will need to be replaced. You will need to get 16 new systems.
2. No wiring exists within the company, so a new connectivity solution will have to be part of the design.
3. While Internet is planned for the future, the focus of this proposal is simply to network 16 systems, a server and provide printer sharing for two existing Laserjet printers.
4. The 16 systems are located within a two story office building. The building is square with 20,000 square feet of office space (100 x 100 x 2)
5. All systems will require Windows Vista Professional and Office Professional 2007
6. A file server, with 200GB hard disk capacity and a tape backup solution is required. This system will run Windows 2008 Server.
7. A phone closet is available in the center of the 1st floor for networking equipment.

These are the assumptions and i already figured out about PCs, switches, CAT6 cables, CAT6 connectors, a rack, What my question is what other hardware do i need to complete this network ?? Thank you for your time...
a patch panel,

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Oh. Well, since you said plss...

I don't know about you, but the last time I tried to build a network without a router, it didn't end very well.

You will need a wireless router and several wireless access points. Your best solution, since there is no network wireing of any kind, is to use a combination of Powerline Adapters and wireless access points. To get all the coverage you will need.

i agree with the rest above. you will need a wireless router and wireless access points. Powerline adapter, i am not too sure whether you need that one

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