I have a Toshiba Satellite that I really need some help figuring out. I have to move my laptop back and forth from home to school quite a bit. And just when I get my internet connection set up to work at home it won't connect at school, same thing happens when I get it fixed to work at school.

I have an ISP so I know that's not an issue, I just want to know if I can set up my laptop to connect through three different ways. Dial-up used at home - LAN and Wireless both used at school.

I'm sure there has got to be a way to switch back and forth between these without having to reconfigure everything all the time!

Please, Please help me!

It should be pretty straightforward. Do you have to use Static IP addresses at either of these locations? (ie, are you assigned an address at these other places, or do you just plug in, and go?)

Normally, in IE, there's an option to only dial out when another network connection is not available. If that's set, you should be in good shape. If you just have dynamic IP addresses at the other location, you should just plug in, restart the system, and be good to go.