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Is it possible to lock down permissions to files on a network file server so that people who amend them can only save them back to their original network location?

By this I mean can saving them to their local C:\ or sending them on via email after being modified be restricted in any way?


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That is possible. If you are the admin you can change the rights and the people only can save it to their on home folder. I still don't understand your question can you say it again. Thanks.

Sorry, I thought I wasn't explaining it very well.

Can I ensure that although a person has full access to a network file, that they can only ever save it back to the original network folder from which they opened it.

I want to stop them saving it elsewhere, by locking it down so I can ensure only 1 version of it ever exists. An odd request I know but wondered if it was possible all the same.

Possible what file are you referring to. You can change the adminstrative rights means they can only save at the place where they open the file. They can do whatever thing with the file but it will remain there.

As you have already give access to the file with read permission ..You can block user to save the same file getting changed but cant block them saving the same file on there desktop or getting mailed same content. You can do this if you block all permission on the local system to save file's on desktop or any any other local drive but only that network drive. But you can block then my sending content in mail's unless you have right's to mail access for such user.

Are you the root user cause the root user have more power than the administrator.

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