Hi guys especially in the industry . . i need to choose a final year project covering the fields
Networking + Programming + Hardware = FYP

If you know any hot topics like Cloud computing which have scope in near future or now adays.

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other than this,
asking about Internet programming enhancing a protocol can makeup a FYP project?

Every single category you provide is so vast that you would have a hard time scratching the surface (of just one) for a final year project.

In your second post, you are closer to what a feasible final year project might consist of. Certainly, protocol enhancement and design are manageable in a short timeframe depending on your skill level.

What are you good at? What do you have experience with? Why networking or programming or hardware or protocol?

i ll b completing graduation in Computer and information systems. according to me making a project that constitutes these fields might suffice what i learned in my 3 years. apart from general subjects taught in systems engineering i did CCNA to get networking knowledge.
i am good at C++ and OOP.
i am interested in Internet programming.

There are several open source projects for doing general network-related programming. One I am familiar with is Click. You can follow the link for full details, but from a high level Click is a C++ based modular routing system for linux-based systems. It is capable of installing as a kernel module or as a userland process. You can design elements that operate on packets and plug them together to form chains of operations.

Designing protocols, monitors, or a variety of other networking systems is simple with Click. Considering your current experience it might be a starting point for your project.

thank you L7Sqr for your guidance.

i pursue an IT career in network security etc. in future i l b taking courses like CEH. what i am in for choosing an Internet programming project is to learn Internet programming so i can jump into It security as soon i complete graduation. i know job does not depends on what project you make during graduation but i want to learn network programming right during this year.

There is another project i have in mind, An intrusion Detection System for WEb servers using Artificial Neural Networks that detects an attack on your server it may have packet sniffer module that raw data from network traffic, a proxy server to read TCP/ IP socket, a reader to read the log files, and analysis module that has some neural network that with (MLP) Multi Layer perception implemented with back propagation and genetic algorithms as training algorithms. possibly i will also have to use some Data mining technique . i am researching its feasibility if i can complete this project in next year starting from 1st December 2011.

any resources you know that can help in feasibility study? and what you think about implementation of this project

I think, with limited experience in the field the best you will get in a years time is a survey of the current practices. Perhaps that is all you want. If not I think you should narrow your scope. Each of the topics you discuss are a project in their own right if you want to build one from the ground up.

ok . . this whole project can be sub divided into two parts or engines i.e. Event engine and Analysis Engine.
Event engine has the readers like Packet sniffer and Log file generator and other is Analysis engine that has to analyze using ANN.

i think i should go with the event engine this year and take care of Analysis engine after graduation as a hobby :p. You know some other algorithms to do the analysis? or i shall dump all normal traffic information and match the incoming one if there is any anomaly it will generate an alarm to report the Administrator (ting-ting-ting-ting-ting) :p

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