I have two Linksys routers in differnt parts of the house can I share files across two differnet hubs router.

I will need more information about what types of routers these are, how they are setup, and how the computers are connected to them.

  • You mention routers twice and hub once. Are these devices routers or hubs? If you would like, just put the Linksys model number of both in your reply, this will help me out greatly.
  • Are the routers wireless enabled? If so, are any of the computers connected to any of the routers wirelessly? If both are wireless, are you wanting to connect the routers wirelessly or by connecting a cable between the two?
  • Does only one of the routers have a broadband connection or do both of them connect to a broadband connection? In other words, do you have one broadband connection and two routers or two broadband connections and two routers?

Please answer all of these questions. Any questions that you don't answer will make it more difficult to give you a working solution.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Probably. If the router supports it, you can just string a CAT5 cable between the two of them. You may have to get a special kind of CAT5 cable called a "crossover cable", if the router isn't smart enough to properly configure its ports, though.