hello, looking for some help with using outlook with pop3 email on a wireless network.

router/access point is individually connected to 2 desktops via ethernet cables. Connected to laptop using wireless G. all three computers can see each other, file sharing is fine. I would like to use outlook on the laptop. Internet sharing is done through desktop 1 (connected to USB adsl), it is running ccproxy (software proxy server), internet is fine on all computers after setting up proxy server settings. Is there any way to set up MS outlook on the laptop to access the internet to d/l mails?


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if you have internet access on your laptop, i'm not sure as to why you can't access a pop3 server. are you sure all of your outlook settings resemble that of the desktops? Secondly, why don't you use ethernet instead of USB for your internet connection? USB limits your bandwidth significantly even on cable modem connections. What kind of wireless access point are you using? If it has a switch on it, you could plug the adsl directly into the internet port and connect all your nodes to the router, and not have to use proxy software to share the internet

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Use Start, Settings, Control Panel, then choose mail. Choose email accounts and then set up a new pop3 account. Follow the prompts and you're set up...make sure designate the port to open and then remember to open it up on your router.

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