Hey guys me any my room mate both r using two seprate pcs with intel processors and win xp professional can we both link our pc i mean to say make our pc in network so that we can share our printer and data and moreover our internet connection please tell me how to do it without using any expensive device i mean how we can do it by using a simple lan wire whose both ends are connected to our pcs lan socket

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To connect two pc's you need a cross over cable (pins 1-3 and 2-6) to connect them. You can also pick up a cheap hub or switch and a couple straight cat5 cables and connect them that way. However if connected in either of these ways you will not be able to plug into broadband at the same time and here is where the slippery slope begins....

So first question is how you connect to the internet. dial-up? broadband (do you have a router already?) or via a campus connection if you are in a dorm? Based on this someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.

this should be simple and affordable

if you both have network cards, buy a network cable, preferebly crossover from the shop to make things easy for you. Connect the cabke to the 2 machines, set the ip adresses and u should be set.


Your configuration will not necessairly work. If the internet is coming in on an ethernet cable, then where would you plug it in?

I am also not fond of Crossover cables. If you get them mixed with normal cables, it can cause your head to spin. If you go that route, get the cable in a different color!

If you want to do the share-the-internet thing, then you need to think of routers and firewalls, and that requires a bit of design work. Even if it is a dialup source. You will also need to determine if you are going to keep one of the computers on all the time (which is not all that bad of an idea)


Hi, i have one Laptop running Vista and one running XP. Is it possible to link these two together?? and if so how


hey man. U'll need a crossover cable to connect the two compters. If both need to connect to the internet, then you will need an extra network card plugged into one of the computers so that you can connect the internet link.Otherwise you will need routers and such stuff.

I have two laptops, lots of ports. Verizon wireless modem. Both LT's are running Vista. Using ethernet crossover cable to connect. Cannot seem to get them configured to recognize each other.
End goal is shared internet connection and shared printer.

Isnt the easiest way to get a cheap switch, connect the broadband connection and the pc to the switch.

Make sure that the PC's are in the same workgroup, set up user accounts on all pc's and share the printer.

Then you should be ok.

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