hello everybody,
please do any one know any thing about opnet please
i want to build a network to simulate (it is for security the router built a table of ip and put a random key to each ,and when a client connect to that router in the syn packet the router respond with the syn\ack that contain the key of that ip in the table, so that the client must use that key in the ip option field of the ack packet that he(the client)send to the router, then the router check the option field compare it to the table if it match the router will pass the whole flow else the packet droped and the flow not passed),
i read about opnet and find some thing (process mode) that contain a code but i don't understand it (i think it isn't a type of code that i know), is any one know a helpful place to read about opnet (i see the youtube but i still can't know is opnet useful for my work)
so please all i want to know now is it suitable for my work?
with best regards
thank u in advance

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OPNET Modeler should do the job for you. You can start from the TCP protocol implementation and add your extensions to it, and then perform a discrete event simulation. Or check the contributed models on OPNET's support page to see if there are other users that have done something like this.

thank you very very much for ur reply,
i go to the opnet website previously but it required a user name and password to inter, i go to new user and inter the user name and password that i want, amessage appear told me that the request will studied in one day bussnis, but there is no response to me yet
do i do any thing wrong?
thank you very much agin
with best regards

Try going to this website

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