I work in private company, and I've came across VPN request, they need a kiosk to access an application, the request forum was requesting the following IP and port: port 3389

the responsible guy of ACL wrote the following:

permit tcp eq 3389

now i get "permit tcp", but whats with ( Could it be the kiosk IP?
the second ip for how many users ( which is 255
the 3rd part is the application ip (
then what does this IP mean (
then the port 3389

could someone please explain to me the command, and any resources will be great ,thanks alot :)

Re: Cisco command 80 80


It is the ip of Kiosk ( and and is classless subnetting and it is not classfull Subnetting.

Re: Cisco command 80 80

Hi O'Neil
The access list is configured to allow traffic from all the hosts in the kiosk network to access host via remote desktop protocol (port 3389).
In access lists, 255 means that the value must match exactly while a zero means the value can be anything from 0 to 254.

Hope this sorts you out. If you only need to allow one host only from the Kiosk network to access the i.p, then the access list should be permit tcp x.x.x.x eq 3389 where x.x.x.x is the i.p permitted.

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