I kno i have been around for long time, but i had a problem and thought i would post it on daniweb to see if i can get any help,

so here is the problem i have recently bought a belkin n router, and i was left with my old router, so i decided i would try to connect a wireless connection between them to share my internet connection. I want to connect the second router(belkin g router) to my tv so i have got an internet connection on there. I tried but not success, i tried wiring both router that seemed to work but i want them to wirelessly communicate with each other, not with cables.


Also i want to connect the second router to tv via ethernet cable

Are you trying to use one router as a wireless repeater or do you want to have a wireless bridge between the two routers? Can you explain what it is exactly that you are trying to accomplish with the two routers?

I may have been left behind a bit techwise, you have a tv with an ethernet port?

errrm i don't kno but i want the second router to recieve internet from my first router and it home sorround sound that has ethernet

Right can you tell me which router is currently plugged into the internet and if it goes into a phone socket or a cable connection, It would help to have the full model number from each router.

I think what you want to do is to have one box connected to the net relaying wirelessly to a second box which will have something connected to it via ethernet? Can I ask is this necessary or would it be simpler to just access your main router wirelessly from whatever equipment you're plugging into the second router?

If you would like help with the surround sound it would help to know the model number so I can take a look at it, is it a wireless speaker setup?


My belkin n router >> fsd8236-4 v2 updated to latest firmware
My belkin g router >>> as a access point(wirelessly) to be connect to the home sorround via ethernet >> FSD7231-4P. Can't find newer firmware.
My sorround sound is not the problem and it does have wireless capabilities but i need to but special dongle for it and i carn't afford that write now. I want to connect to the second router ie access point.

and i expect the sorround sound to connect to the access point easily cause its got auto config on. that not problem its just connected the two router together(wirelessly) so the access point has internet

and it does go in the cable modem (virgin media)