am suffering with a peculiar problem, i have UBUNTU and WINDOWS installed in my harddisk, internet in ubuntu just seems to work fine, but when it comes to windows internet is not working, and a peculiar thing i have observed is, that the LED for LAN on the modem is also not glowing.

At first i thought it might be the ETHERNET drivers problem so, i uninstalled and reinstalled the ETHERNET drivers but no use.........

please help

thanks a lot in advance

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hello friend , firs boot into Ubuntu then stop wireless and ether net service then boot into xp and start both , it may work , i was facing same problem, but this work for me,
close any open connection in Ubuntu it's necessary ,


thanks a lot for replying
can you be more precise on what you exactly want to suggest me?


first boot up ur machine and start ubuntu then remove all settings of ethernet from ubuntu,
now restart and boot into windows and launch device manager uninstall ethernet driver and reinstall driver , and try , it may work,

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