I have this problem, that I can not resolve (I'm too green for in this staff).

I have RouterBoard 750 with RouterOS v3.29 in office.
We have 2 different internet providers ("Online" and "Wanex"), I want to connect both of them in RB 750.
I've pluged Online in first interface and want it to come out in third one, Wanex into second and want it to come out in forth interface.


I also created 2 gateways ( for Online and for Wanex, both have there own DHCP servers), which are working properly.


also I've done this and I don't know if this is correct.


This are routes:


so, what I want is to seperate 2 ISP in LAN with different gateways (users that are under to use Online and under - Wanex) and same time have 1 network, so that they can share files, if possible.

I will very greatfull if you help me, my job depends on it :(

sorry for my poor english.

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what you seem to be looking to do is, based on which network they come from, send traffic out a particular gateway. use gateway Online use gateway Wanex

I typically use the CLI with mikrotik so that is the way I will provide this.

First, you want to setup some marking for packets sourced from the two different LAN networks:

ip firewall mangle> add src-address= action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=Online-WAN chain=prerouting

ip firewall mangle> add src-address= action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=Wanex-WAN chain=prerouting

Second, you need to setup the routing to use these markings for each gateway:

ip route> add gateway=<public IP GW for Online ISP> routing-mark=Online-WAN check-gateway=ping

ip route> add gateway=<public IP GW for Wanex ISP> routing-mark=Wanex-WAN check-gateway=ping

ip route> add gateway=<public IP of any ISP>

You will be able to re-name the route-mark to whatever you like. Also make sure you fill in the correct IP of each gateway in the last set of config commands. The third gateway added is kind of like a default gateway for the default gateway, as it is setup to check to make sure the first two are working.

This should fix your issue, or at the very least, a good start.


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