Network connection doesn't have "valid IP configuration"?

Hi all

I have something which i have never seen before in networking troubleshooting

Am getting undefined network when i try using internet through my LAN adapter, My OS is Vista,Win 7 in xp the error is Limited connectivity

What solutions have i implemented?

1- I have format my pc with fresh OS, and problem still
2- I have RESET ip socket, RESET MAC Registry, Changing my MAC address to another
3- I have release/renew my ip several times
4- I have RESET my Linksys router to default settings (Factory Settings) , it's already new router
5 -I have REMOVE my LAN driver and reinstall it again, i have update driver too
6- I tried to set ip to my PC Manually and this doesn’t work , still looking for ip and it takes several time trying getting an ip

Can anyone tell me what other solution that i have missed?

By the way i have searched on internet for a solution about this , and most of posts doesn’t has proper solution , all of them talk about plug / unplug my cable , renew ip .. etc.

All possible solutions i have done them, am using internet currently through my WLAN usb adapter

What i have to mention also that only this PC having this problem, its possible my Network card having hardware issue? Do there is tool for checking network card performance ' test ' it

You will help me and other people which they are looking for 100% warranted solution


Describe your hardware completely.
64 bit or 32?
How much RAM?
Post ipconfig /all.

If it happened on both operating systems it's probably either an issue with the configuration of your network or a defective network adapter.