Hello all, my first post here, hope someone can help...

I've been stuggling to set up a wireless network in the house and I'm going to avoid my local retailer since he sold me 2 rubbish routers.

Apparently though, in buying a new router I need one that can hold my full user name, which on my ISP (Virgin broadband) is about 30 characters long! Most routers only account for about 15. Does anyone know a reliable brand that could fit that criteria (wireless-g of course)?

Of course, I could change ISP but essentially its my parents connection and not mine (hence the need for a network), so that's not my decision!

Any help is appreciated

Could you contact your ISP and have them change your username? That's a really long username-- the reason why most don't accept more than 15 characters is because that's a "sane" limit on the amount of characters a username should have.

I mean, do you really need your ISP user name to be "this_is_my_isp_username_at_home"? If you look at it like that, that's really freaking long. Or, do you have to put username@ispname.net in there?

Cheers for replying mate.

Yes, amazingly, the user name has to be the whole isp address - first.lastname@isp.net. The isp.net is itself about 15-20 characters. Possibly a ploy to stop people from sharing their connection.

Thankfully I sorted out the router I already have - one with no brand name! But it takes around 50 characters. Stupid ISP!

Thanks anyway