I've tried extensive searches but not been able to get this old ASUS L7300 notepad to connect to my wireless modem/router.

Wireless router is SpeedTouch 580, PCMCIA cards I have are BT 1060 & SpeedTouch 110G.

The router works fine with main PC and 3 other laptops in house (all running XP SP2)

Installation of PC Card goes fine, and there are no question marks in device manager, so everything appears to be working ok. Although the card has power light on, it cannot find any available network. I've switched off wpa-psk security so it's an open network and there's no firewall as this old machine is running ME. All drivers and updates are up to date from ASUS support as far as I know (I haven't updated bios, yet). Is there some sort of adapter/driver that I'm missing for wireless comms, or can anyone give me any ideas of what to try next ? Thanks in advance, Scally

ps. ADSL connection is fine if using wired modem, and I did load XP on to ASUS but it runs very slowly due lack of ram and still had same problems anyway.

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2 weeks on and I still can't get PCMCIA card to work, and so for now I'm using USB. Anyone have any clues as to what I can try with pc card or am I stuck with usb or wired connections only ?

Have you verified the pc cards work by putting them in another laptop?

Have you tried some other pc card in the slot (like a wired ethernet adapter)? Does it work?

It sounds like your pcmcia controller isn't working properly. We've seen it happen on older laptops and the only fix has been to use a usb 802.11b/g adapter.


Google for a program called NetStumbler. It is a tool that searches for wireless networks. Use it to find the network then try to connect to it. If netstumbler doesn't find your wireless network, then it doesn't exist. Try recreating it, and please don't make the mistake that I did. Get mad at the router and go to pick it up, at this point discoving it was unplugged :P

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