since installing DSL i can not longer access hotmail and other sights although 90% of the internet works fine. the ISP passes the buck back to me although it can not be the firewall or any other setting on the computer as i have 1 that is XP(sp2) norten and the XP firewall and 1 that is 2000 McAfee and McAfee firewall.
i am using a Actiontec wireless DSL gateway and i am confident with the settings.
anybody know of any other things that could do this?
the Ping can resolve the correct IP but the ping its self times out


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did you try changing MTU settings in your PC. If not try this:
click on this link

and select open when the screens appears, in the window look at the bottom to make sure the correct adapter is selected in the MTU field type 1492, then save and reboot your PC. and try to access the website one more time and let us know.

That worked thank you.

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