I have an Conextant D850 56K v.9x DFVc modem and I am browsing the internet at a blazing...26.4Kbps!
I have heard of the distance to the switch board, phone cord quality and modem initialization string all affect how fast I may connect at.

Is there something I can do to get the full 56Kbps my parents are paying for?

Also, don't tell me to get High speed, as the High-speed cable ends 2 Km away from my house! (Aparently it is not worth the money to bring the cable up any further)
and I am surrounded by 200ft tall pine trees so "Rocket sticks" don't work here, and I don't have $100 a month for satilite High-speed...

Can anyone help with this old way to connect to the internet?


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What about wireless broadband? Can you get 3G/4G cell phone coverage in your area?

Not too sure... I'll try to check.
However, I remember my neighbours telling my that he had bell come to his house, stand on his roof to try to find a wireless signal, but sadly *sigh* there was no signal...(He has the most open property in our neighbourhood he doesn't have many trees in his front yard.)


Actually my friend at school told me to cut down all the trees and if someone askes say: I'm doing this to play halo and kick my friends butt!

Hi! I just checked my old...ish cell phone and the legend says that I have 3G status here!

So I guess I have 3G on my cell phone...
What does this me for me?

Thanks, javanoob101

Well, some 3g phones can be tethered - to act as a broadband modem. Alternatively, you can get a data account and 3g USB modem from your cell phone provider. I used to have a Sprint data account with a wireless cell modem just for traveling, but it could be used at home as well as a backup internet connection.

Hmmm... This sounds like we are getting somewhere!
How would I go about doing this?
My cell phone was on a pay as you go plan but has been totally drained so I would have to go and get it re-activated and grab a new cell number...
We use bell by the way.
Also is this expensive? (money is a bit tight right now)

Anyway, thanks for your help so far!
This sounds like it may work in my area!

Different plans, different prices. Go visit your local mobile phone store (Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, et al), or their online web pages, to get more information about plans and prices.

O.k Thanks!

When I get the time I will!


Also, how will I know that my phone is the right kind to utilize as a modem? or will bell tell me at the store?

Ask them about tethering. That's where you connect the phone via usb cable to the computer, and it turns into a wireless modem.

Teathering? O.K!

I might be able to go in to town sometime sonn so I can ask then (But I'm very busy at the moment so not for a while I guess).

Also, My cell is old...ish and my dad does not know where the usb cable is anymore--this may be a problem right?

So until then, is there some init string or high quality phone cord that can get me maybe at least 33.6 Kbps?

Any tips are appreciated if the increase my speed! Even if it is only an increase of 2 Kbps! I don't care I'm (quite) desperate for (higher) speed!!

P.S: Thanks to rubberman for the teathering idea! (I didn't know you can do that!)

What rubberman said is correct have you done that. You can always use your phone as a wifi hotspot so your computer can connect to it. How are you connecting to the network? By wireless or ethernet cable?

By connecting to the network I assume you mean internet on my computer so the answer is: via dial up.

However I went into the local Source (by circuit city) and I got a pamphlet on a Bell turbohub. (It uses the cell phone signal and since I get good cell coverage they said that I'll get a good high speed connection with it. So perhaps in the naer future I will have high speed!! yay!

Until then I may not reply for a while (I forgot about this thread actually that is why I haven't been online lately sorry...)


Cheers, Javanoob101;)

WOW! This is an old thread!
I completely forgot about Daniweb Sorry about that!
Anyway I want to the local Bell store recently an I boght their "Turbo-hub"
And it works!!! I finally have high speed.

So, for all those who still have dial-up. Look into the turbo-hub it works great and plans start at 45$ a month which is pretty good.

Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread!

some 3g phones can be tethered - to act as a broadband modem. Alternatively, you were able for a data account and 3g USB modem from one your cell phone provider. I utilized to take a Sprint data account with other a wireless cell modem just for traveling, but nevertheless it would be utilized in your own home and a backup Internet connection.


Unlike Wi-Fi, which is exploding, hard data on 2.5 and 3G is hard to find since contract details and market share are often only described in the most general of terms.

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