I am using a vpn connection to connect to my work network, which I use for remote desktop, which is working fine.

I now want to be able to access the same stuff at home that I can access at work. I can for instance write "wiki" in the web browser at work which directs me to the internal wiki page. The problem is that this doesn't work from my home computer with a vpn connection.

I tried setting the work dns address (doesn't seem to matter if do or not) in the vpn settings for my home computer. I then did a nslookup for wiki and got the following error:

> wiki
:: Got SERVFAIL reply from [ipadress], trying next server
Server: [another ipaddress]
Address: [another ipaddress]#53

** server can't find wiki: SERVFAIL

SERVFAIL means that the domain does exist and the root name servers have information on this domain, but that the authoritative name servers are not answering queries for this domain.

what can I do about this?

I'm using a MAC with OS X Lion as the home computer.

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Can you try pinging to websites and see whether your internet connection is down. Also check whether you can acess internet by using a router instead of the VPN.

Ping Test

Go to network utility and click on ping. In the box type in daniweb.com or facebook.com and lastly try google.com

The numbers of ping you select 6. It will be enought.

On your mac osx lion tell me what you do the setup the VPN. EVery single steps try to be as as specific as possible.

Usually VPN is protected by some kind of a firewall (internal network). Can you connect to your work network from home and authenticate? And receive an IP address successfully? DNS servers will not allow alien clients to use them without proper authentication. And second thing, there are web caching and searching methods set at your work network servers. So it may not work from home. If you can connect to your work network via VPN, then you will be able to do so.
Check and try :)

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