It's time to get another laptop but with all the changes and options available, I'm a little overwhelmed. I travel a good deal, so I need a unit that is built solid but does not resemble a brick or is overly heavy. I was considering an iPad but I do not think it would offer everything I would need and is too expensive for what it delivers. So Ideally, I need one that is great for business travel and entertainment purposes with great battery life, durable construction, great graphics/ audio and awesome processing speed. I currently have an Fujitsu lifebook that has a great display but it can get pretty heavy on long trips and the battery life is lousy.

I think I'd like to stick with a mid size 15.6 with an i5 processor and at least 6GB of RAM. I'm not stuck on brand and am more concerned with long battery life (6-7 hours on a single charge would be good...) and the construction being good!! Especially after my last trip when the TSA dropped and damaged the laptop (cosmetic only) which now has me considering models that have gorilla glass and aluminum cases...

I want to get the best bang for my buck, so please hit me up with your input.


I'd need good feedback, but not sure where to go beyond the obvious. Can you help?

dell has a pretty good line of laptops at affordable prices check out the the discount outlet they usually have them there

I'd go with ASUS as they make their own machines and have good componenets. Their failure rate is less than all major brands iuncluding Apple. There are a couple of places that sell "customized" laptops but I have always had good luck with these folks ... http://www.xoticpc.com/. The ASUS page is here ... http://www.xoticpc.com/custom-gaming-laptops-notebooks-asus-laptops-ct-95_51_163.html. Any of the "UX" series should suit your needs. The "UX" series are 1 piece aluminum like the Apple so they are fairly durable. 7+ hours of operation ... some are 8+ hours.

Good luck in your search!

I would stick with Dell at their Small Business site. You can customize and not pay for what you don't need. Also their warranty is tops! I have used it quite a few times with dozens of machined.

Thanks everyone - it's good to see such an positive response! (went to another site - rude, insulting people with nothing good to offer) I should have come to DaniWeb first!

I am checking into the information you provided. In regard to Dell; I'm a curious about their failure rate since tarael1 mentioned using the warranty multiple times. It's great Dell will stand behind their product and yet, since most warranties only last a year, your statement raises some questions.

The last thing I want is the potential for malfunction right out of the gate. I know what it's like to have a machine fail on a business trip and wait for repair. Thankfully, I had to wait only one day for Dell to send the replacement part BUT I was a corporate customer. The repair time would have been longer otherwise. That was 7 years ago, so I do not know if the customer support is better or worse today??.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

...and 'Wldlake' - thanks for the ASUS info. I'm checking that too!

Do you have a maximum budget in mind I check Amazon for laptops you can get some very decent spec machine for 650-700 the more you have to spend the better it will be obviously.

Based on your description and needs, I would suggest Dell as a good choice. My experience with them has been good from a corporate customer as well as a regular customer with regard to customer support and warranty replacement.

Thanks again everyone! Sorry I have been absent due to illness and an unscheduled trip - fun, fun, fun. I will be checking the options this week and let you know what I find. I did look at Amazon but found most there were bulkier than what I wanted, so the search continues...

So many choices - (heavy sigh) lol

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