I'm thinking of majoring in information technology and eventually planning on becoming network administrator is government firm. I was interested to know what I would do as a network administrator and most importantly the problems they face from day to day.

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This is not a simple subject.

1. As a NetAdmin you will have to maintain firewalls, network sub-nets, internal/external access rules/permissions, and a lot of other stuff.
2. Problems: people always expect that whatever they want, they should be able to do, including sending "sensitive" materials to external users. Dealing with all this cruft is not simple, and requires a lot of political acumen.

Good luck in your endeavors! :-)

If you work in a big international company, you will faced many major problems. Hackers can be a hell lot of problem so do network attacks. Most of the time, you just have to make sure the internet does not crash and check for any other suspicious big data packets you receive.

Best of luck in your career:)


Usually if a person is facing difficulty in any aspect of his life then the basic foundation in his/her career is not strong in the same manner if a Network Administrator who is a real time Administrator is facing problem in Career field then their basic foundation is not strong in Administration field .Always basic foundation plays a vital role .

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