hi everyone!!!

just joined and was wondering if anyone could please advise me about using a proxy server, and indeed tell me if they are infact legal? i have concerns about my privacy after joining a certain site!!

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Proxy servers are perfectly legal, only the activity done 'behind' the proxy servers usually comes into question. There are several annonymizer sites out there, and 'TOR' has become a popular and has a firefox plugin to help keep your identity safe.

The obvious downside, is your traffic now has to go through other servers which could significantly delay the time it takes to browse the website.

thanx for that blud you have been helpfull.

Hi James, proxies are absolutelly legal, at least I know that any US proxy SNIP server is legal. May be in some country are not but I doubt it.

What could be legal or not is what you do with proxies, if you do something very serious they are going to find you even if you use proxy IP addresses.

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check -> ultra surf....might find it useful

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