Hi all,

I want to connect to my network at home using the internet. Attached is a simple diagram. The wires there do not necessarily reflect what I have. The important thing is that both sides can access the internet. If my computer is the one on the left, I do not know what IP to use to reach any of the computers on the right as they are all assigned private addresses. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

*The public IP for the left is
**The public IP for the right is
***The switch is the gateway of all three right-side computers and has an IP of

try using no-ip.com or any other dinamic DNS resolution programme, also you may need to setup a DMZ on your router to allow access to that computer, thats how i connect remotely to my server and router here @ home.

Also you can try a programme called gotomypc, or just type remote desktop in google and you will get a list of several programmes that can do what you want.

Anyway i use windows RDP and VNC for my remote sessions, and the work very well on slow connections, i hope i have helped, cheers.