hey all,
im ready to strangle my router with its own cat6 cable! anybody help would be appreciated..im connecting via dsl..and as of now i cannot get it to detect an ip address and when i insert the addy via internet options it doesnt help.is ther a setting i need to change or do i need to do something more then wire it up and restart the comp ????thanks

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Have you performed a reset of the router, and restored it back to factory defaults?

Which is happening? Is the router not getting an IP address from the DSL, or are the clients connected to the router not getting IP addresses? Each problem could have a different solution.


Hey, I am also having a similar sort of problem with my Dynex Dx-E401 router. I have been unable to connect to my DSL connection. I can access the setup page for the router but when I try to set my PPPoE password and apply it, it just reverts back to some standard password. Also when I try to connect to the PPPoE, it only says "connecting" but never actually connects. I know that the problem has something to do with the router since I have been able to access the internet with my modem directly connected to my computer. Also I have when I entered the cmd console and tested ping as I was directed to, I got 100% failure with the router. I have looked through a lot of troubleshooting steps and still cannot resolve the problem. I would really appreciate it if anyone had an answer?

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