I have a Netgear WGR614 wireless router and a Slipstream 5100 DSL Modem. The problem is that the wireless connection drops about 2 times a day, and it just alltogether stops broadcasting. I then have to go to configuration for the router, change something, and then it works fine. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a conflict with the modem, as there are also problems there: I lose my internet connectino for about 1 second, and then it instantly comes back on. I think that perhaps the modem and router are mad at eachother, and they are not set up correctly to talk to eachother nicely. Below are some of the tech readouts from the modem and router.

Router Status

Account Name 1
Firmware Version Version 1.40 Feb 18 2004

Internet Port
MAC Address 00:09:5b:53:ec:d1
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
Domain Name Server

LAN Port
MAC Address 00:09:5b:53:ec:d0
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask

Wireless Port
Name (SSID) Knight Family
Region United States
Channel 8
Mode g only
Wireless AP On
Broadcast Name On

1 Manufacturer Efficient Networks, Inc.
2 Vendor ID b50045464e540400
3 Model Number 5100
4 Friendly Name SpeedStream 5100 ADSL Modem
5 Model Description Single Port Ethernet Modem
6 Model Name SpeedStream
7 Serial Number 2000B23B9A0DA
8 Hardware Version 1.0
9 Modem DSL Firmware Version a1.01.00.00
10 Modem Software Version
11 Hardware Options -
12 Software Options -
13 Modem Configured true
14 Time Since Last Boot 000 days 21:32:13
15 Current Time 2005/ 6/ 8 23:19:21 GMT
16 Time Servers time-b.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov
17 Time First Use 2004/12/03 03:43:55 GMT

30 Modem Health Status ok
31 DSL Link Status up
32 Time Since Last Sync 000 days 21:31:48
33 Loss of Signal false
34 Loss of Framing false
35 ATM Cell Delineation true
36 Internet Status up
37 Ethernet Link Status up
38 PPP Connection Status connected
39 PPP Last Connection Error None
40 PPP Uptime 000 days 21:30:46

50 Test ADSL Line Sync pass
51 Test ATM Cell Delineation pass
52 Test ATM OAM Segment Ping pass
53 Test ATM OAM End to End Ping pass
54 Test DSL Ethernet to ATM pass
55 Test LAN Ethernet Connection pass
56 Test Mac Bridge to LAN Ethernet pass
57 Test LAN USB Connection -
58 Test Mac Bridge to LAN USB -
59 Test PPPoE to Ethernet pass
60 Test PPP to PPPoE pass
61 Test PPPoE Server Connect pass
62 Test PPPoE Server Session pass
63 Test IP to WAN pass
64 Test IP to LAN Ethernet pass
65 Test IP to LAN USB -
66 Test IP to PPP pass
67 Test Validate WAN IP Address pass
68 Test Gateway Ping pass
69 Test DNS Well Known Host Query pass
70 Test Primary DNS Ping pass
71 Test Secondary DNS Ping pass
72 Test Mail Srvr 1 Ping skipped
73 Test Mail Srvr 2 Ping skipped
74 Test News Srvr 1 Ping skipped
75 Test News Srvr 2 Ping skipped
76 Test Web Portal 1 Ping skipped
77 Test Web Portal 2 Ping skipped
78 Test PPPoE Connect to GateWay pass

90 Active VCs provisioned 1
91 DSLAM Vendor Id -
92 DSL Line Mode ANSI
93 DSL Training Mode multimode
94 Conf VPI 0
95 Conf VCI 35
96 Conf PVC Search List 0/35, 8/35, 0/43, 0/51, 0/59, 8/43, 8/51, 8/59
97 VPI 0
98 VCI 35
99 VC Encapsulation LLC
100 DSL Line Type fast
101 DSL Line Interleaved Depth -

110 Default Device Enabled true
111 Default Device Mac Address 00:00:00:00:00:00
112 Default Device IP Address
113 Default Device Address Type public
114 Service Provider Name
115 Service Provider Phone
116 Service Provider URL
117 Service Provider Help URL
118 Modem MAC Address 00:0B:23:B9:A0:DA
119 LAN DHCP Server Enabled true
120 DHCP Subnet Mask
121 DHCP Start IP Address
122 DHCP End IP Address
123 DHCP Default Gateway
124 DHCP Default Lease Time 000 days 00:10:00
125 Domain name domain_not_set.invalid
126 DHCP Leases Allocated 1
127 DHCP Leases Available 0

**It is a speedstream 5100 modem, not slipstream, my bad**

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