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please i juss bought a yacom router and i dont have the password, what steps am i to follow so i can get the password?

i cant access my router
when i enter then a page appears for username and password. i put admin in both but says its wrong. suggestion please.

It's always best to start a new thread, rather than jump in on a ten year old one that's been dead for two years. That aside, telling us what router you have might be helpful...

That aside :)

If you really have forgotten or don't know your admin login, and the default for your device (go Google as all the info is easy to find out there) doesn't work, then your only option is a factory reset. Boot the router, locate the factory reset switch (usually sunken, so a paper clip or similar will be needed to press it) and depress for at least 10 seconds and then reboot. You will lose all your router custom configuration, but the login will be reset.