Hey guys,

I am sorry if this kind of question has been asked before, if it has can someone please redirect me to the thread...

I need to network a small business (wireless). I have 8 computers (computers need to be connected to the internet) and I need a wireless printer. Can someone please help me out with this and point me down the correct path of steps and products.

Please help this network noob :rolleyes:

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Just do a search of the forums. This has been answered numerous times before. Also, you could try google. There is a ton of info on the Interenet about wireless networking.

Quick answer though, you'll need one wireless accesspoint/gateway, 8 wiresless nics, and 1 wireless print server. You can get them all from linksys.



hey guys,
what about security issues? Would I have to be concerned about an outside source tapping into my network?

Just a thought?


The access point I pointed you toward does not have a firewall, however, if you are looking for a full solution including broadband router, access point, wired and wireless, as well as a descent stateful packet firewall... you could go with something like this:


The barricade firewall that SMC uses in their routers is actually very well done, support VPN, Tunneling, etc. etc.

The link above actually includes a built in USB print server so if all your equipment is in the same spot, you can save a little $$. I personally have the model down from that which doesn't include the print server:


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