Hi all,

I have a quick question about DNS / mail hostname.

I have a server with hostname 'one.domain.com' and IP '1234'.
I have another server with hostname 'two.domain.com' and IP '9876'.

On the one.domain.com server I have a client whose website and email I host. They use 'one.domain.com' as their outgoing server hostname in Outlook.

If I migrate them to the two.domain.com server, can I just point one.domain.com to the IP of two.domain.com (9876) or do they have to physically change their hostname?

I have full access to their domains and DNS records. Just not their Outlook.

Thanks :)

From the perspective of the user's outlook profile finding the mailbox, yes, just creating a CNAME record of one.domain.com and pointing it to two.domain.com will resolve your issue for the outlook clients. However, you will need to ensure that if two.domain.com will be the new smtp server exchanging mail with other smtp hosts, then you will want to update the MX record(s) as well. Mail is delivered between mail systems using the MX record. An Outlook client uses a standard DNS host record to located a mail server.