I have a couple of questions about cloud computing.

If i connect 10 computers together in a cloud, can I consider the 10 computers to be one big computer?

If i have 3 computers with 100Gb hdd each, connectet in a cloud.
Can i so make a vm on 300Gb in my cloud?

Is it a bad idea to have 10 computers connectet in a cloud, with one vm that controls 50000 websites?

I talking about a private cloud, (ubuntu enterprise cloud)

Regards, Lasse

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I think you may have the generic term "cloud computing" confused with "grid computing". When you hear/read about Cloud services, the general concept is that rather than hosting your own infrastructure, you leverage an infrastructure that is shared by many (although data is seperated). For small orginizations, it makes sense to leverage public clouds. While very large organizations may create thier own private cloud for their departments or other corporate entities. So with regard to a cloud, if there are 10 systems in a cloud that provide a service, yes, from the client's perspective, its one service. Think about Google's gmail. That's a good example of a cloud service.

Now, grid computing is more like what you are describing. For example, with Oracle Grid, you have multiple servers hosting databases, but from the perspective of accessing the grid, it is one database, even though there are pieces of the database across multiple servers. SETI@home is another good example of a grid project. You have hundrends of thousands of PCs that are particpating in analyzing data.

Thank you very much the respons : )

so if im right, are the super-computers (like Cray Jaguar) also useing Grid?

one thing more : )

Do you know how i can setup a grid between my linux servers? i understand that is not a easy thing to do?

I personally do not have experience with grid computing. I have worked in environments where it was already implemented. More research would be needed. Maybe someone else will be able to guide you in the right direction with regard to creating a grid using linux systems.

Yeah this is defiantly not cloud computing as you are not really dealing with anything like software as a service or infrastructure as a service here,

this is defaintly grid computing

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