Hi there,
I read somewhere that I have to get a special driver to make my wi-fi card in monitoring.
I have dell vostro 1015 with 1379 wlan mini card,so is there any driver for my wi-fi card?

thanks in advance

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Please be more clear. Are you trying to turn your laptop into a WiFi sniffer?

as rubberman said, could you please tell us what your purpose is? - is it to find out where the best signal is or something?

I'm trying to test my packet sniffer

yes, but what are you trying to get from it? - what is the point of you testing your packet sniffer?

i modified a code and i want to test it!!

why dont you try downloading the latest driver for your hardware, that will surely have the feature in that you need.

As suley04 said, google latest driver for your wifi card, and you should be fine. But if you if you need more detail security info, you prob need 3rd party soft.


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