Hello there, I will try to explain the way I am connected to internet using my university and then present the problem that occured.

My equipment consists of:

  • 1 2.4GHz grid antenna
  • BulletM2
  • around 40m FTP cable
  • An access point through which computers connect to the wireless lan and the internet

My grid is connected to the Bullet device and it points to an access pointed located in the university. It uses DHCP to get an IP.
The bullet is connected to my access point using the FTP cable and is given a static IP using the bullet.

I will gladly offer any more information, just ask!

Well everything was working fine until one day I stopped being able to connect to the internet. Indications on bullet (after the problem occurred) said that at first i had a good connection (-68dBi) but I still couldn't connect to the internet and a few days after that bullet started weirding me out. To explain, right now the main page has no indication on signal strength, the align antenna tool shows -85dbi to -95 and the site survey tool shows my usual -68dBi.

As far as I know my Uni's access points were not moved. I've tried moving my antenna but there's no real change.

Any ideas on where to look for the problem? Any suggestions?

I'll gladly answer any of your questions provided that I can, thanks in advance!

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So, you are using a directional antenna to connect your local router/access-point to another A/P across the campus? Check out the cable run. It may have been damaged (kinked, cut into, nibbled on by rodents), which can cause a serious degradation in the signal getting to/from the antenna and transceiver. I would check that before assuming that the transceiver (the bulletM2 I presume) is bad, though that may be; however, don't replace that before you have traced the entire 40m cable run, and checked out the connections at both ends, as well as any splices that may exist in the run.

So, you are using a directional antenna to connect your local router/access-point to another A/P across the campus?

Yes, that's the case.

Check out the cable run.

Hmm, I will try to do that but if the cable was damaged, wouldn't I be unable to contact my BulletM2 (which is in the one end of the 40m cable). Right now I can normally login on my bullet.

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