Hey everybody,

I am very noob in networking. I hope you could help me with a problem.

There is a network, in a building. The network is expanded across three floors. In the upper floor we have a modem that is connected to the ISP(internet). Then all these floors are connected with each other via Fiber optic ports of srw2024 "linksys" switches. across the floors people can plug in their computers and will get a dynamic IP from a router(the router is between the ISP and LAN). Now my problem is that I have 2 pulblic IP addresses from our ISP. one is being used for the LAN. the other one i want to use it for a Video conference unit that we have. This unit is somewhere in ground floor! How can I route the traffic of the vtc from ground floor to the public IP?

Thanks for your time :)

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i'm not sure if i understand your question...

but maybe you could just plug your 'vtc' into your modem/router.

does your 'vtc' have wifi capability?
2 public addresses? how do you know this?

my networking experience is limited to using only 1 network(public)(WAN) address, so maybe if you reword your question, somebody else will help.

i assume you do not want your vtc traffic going through the router, but if you have enough bandwidth, maybe it will be okay.

i have never heard of a modem that has 2 public addresses...

you need a Hardware cisco router.

in this cisco router facility to transfer the network traffic to another switch...

with two different ISP you can get...
Load Balance
you can combine Two Public IP.

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