Hello all. I have been trying to get port forwarding going for 3 days with my d link DIR-628 router. Ive been checking to see if my changes to my dlink settings have taken effect at this web site and many similar. http://www.canyouseeme.org/ . I usually type in my local ip number into my browser. that takes me to the dlink login page. then i go to advanced -> port forwarding, and i add in my local ip address and specify the port numbers for tcp and udp. I save the settings and restart. Then i go check and no matter what i do the ports will not open!! i cant stand it. I close all firewalls too. Is there something i should know about this that was in the dlink fine print. Please help before i go mad.

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Can you provide a little more detail about what port you are trying to forward to what IP address inside your router?

Port forwarding is normally used when you want the WAN IP address of the router to forward a port to a specific IP inside your local network.

For example if your routers external IP address is and you want to set up a web site on your local system (at IP address then you want any port 80 traffic that hits your router, from outside (the internet), to be forwarded to that system. You would set up port 80 forwarding to IP port 80.

Many routers have what is referred to as a DMZ host which is the default system that can be accessed from the internet.

Does that help?

Make sure you have the latest firmware on the unit. Ver 1.25NA (if you're in North America)

Double check your internal IP. What ip are you forwarding into? Is this IP static on the the device? Can you access that Port's service from another system inside your network?

im using the internal ip for setting up port forwarding, and no i cant access my port from computers in my network, i tryed to use a chat prorgam in c++ and my computer wont recognise my internal ip address, but on the other computer it does fine. Could it have anyhting to do with wireless


You should not need port forwarding inside your local network. It may be the firewall on the computer you are trying to connect from. Try turning off the firewall or telneting to the ip and port. For example to telnet to port 80 on IP you would use:

telnet 80

and see if you can connect.

I would help to know what is the inside ip of the host running the service.
What service/port is it?
Is the IP static?
From another host on the network, can you telnet to that ip and port (see rch1231's post above).

If you can't get to the port from another host on the inside network, then the dlink doesn't come into play here yet. There is a problem on that host itself.

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