Hey I have this question and I have it all answer correctly (I Think!!) until the last part which i thought would of been 7* 8190 because you require 5 subnets so you need 3 host to get 5 (4+2+1) but you could've had 7 subnets but in another question by my lecturer with 5 subnets needed he has 8* (the hosts) but I cant figure out how he got 8, Can anyone help me??

h) Your new Company has applied and received a public IP address from your local ISP. The address is

  1. What is the Class of this IP address. Class B
  2. What is the network address for your company
  3. What is the maximum number of hosts you can have on your network 2^16 -2 = 65534
  4. What is the broadcast address for your entire network
  5. What is the default subnet mask for this network ** **

i) You determined that your company requires five subnets.

  1. What is the new customised subnet mask for this network.
  2. What is the maximum number of hosts that can be connected to each subnet. ** 8190**
  3. What is the maximum number of hosts you can have on your entire new subnetted network. 8190*???

Ok, so yes all of your answers are correct. On i) #3, I assume that they are asking you total number of hosts for all of your subnets.

With a /19, you have a total of 8 subnets. So does this mean to answer this question you multiple 8 * 8190, or is the question asking you to multiple 5 * 8190 since you are only going to use 5 subnets?

I would say, 5 * 8190 = 40,950 hosts.

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