hi, I am having problems with my laptop wireless connection thru the router. It is connecting fine but it lags. Its kind of hard to explain but I seem to have to double click or refresh websites for them to come up. For example if I try to watch a video on Youtube it will start to load fine and then just pauses and wont load anymore.

download speed 13-15 Mbps
upload: 1.75

Im a newb to this. is there any settings or anything i can do to get the router to stop lagging; dropping or whatever it is doing? Im 100% its the router because when i connect the laptop to the modem it works fine so does the desktop.

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try to upgrade the firmware...

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signal reading full strength

try to upgrade the firmware...

No update for firmware was available. tried pinging the address, didnt work. reset modem, didnt work. changed the 2nd pc ip address. Called Time Warner and they didnt want to help me with a netgear router so I went ahead and got there modem/router. everything is working perfect now.

Thanks for help I appreciated the ideas.

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