Im trying to make a internal site (Called test.dev) but I cant get it to be viewed internally. I made a A record on the DNS server point "test.dev" to my IP which would be for example but I try to access it on a client PC and it does not resolve. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

1) wrong forum
2) impossible to answer without knowing a lot about your network and especially its security settings that you don't want known outside your organisation.

First determine whether or not you can resolve the host name from a workstation on the LAN. Check your workstation's IP configuration. Is it configured to point to the internal DNS server that is hosting the test.dev zone? If so, from a command prompt type NSLOOKUP. Hit enter. Then type test.dev, and hit enter. Does it resolve to IF not, you need to resolve the name resolution issue.

If it does, but your site does not come up in the browser, its time to shift the focus to the web server ( Check the web server app your are using, make sure the configuration is correct. If you have more than one website, you either need to assign each web its own IP or port, or use host headers.

If you only have one web site, then check the web site configuration. If you are coding in asp.net or PHP, or any other server side scripting language, before you try to access those types of pages, just set up a test page called default.htm. Can you access this page. If not, still a web server config problem. If you can then move on to trying to resolve your server side scripting config.

At this time, you need to check all of this out and report back if you have any issues. As jwenting mentioned, this is the wrong category of forum. You will get a lot more help if you post your question in the correct category.

If a moderator comes across this thread, he/she can move it for you.

I apoligize as I did not see the network section.

Basically I was able to solve it: Made a A record on the DNS server pointing to the site/IP and done.

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