model: WAP54G

my linksys wireless was working

but i press the rest botton in the back of the hardware and the hardware now not working
the power light is red
and Act light is off
and Link light is Orange

if i insert a link wire nothing change, So it's not working properly.

please help

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I would guess that the router is bad. I've had a network for years and am on my 3rd Linksys router...they do go bad because they're running 24/7. I've also gone through about 5 of the cheap Linksys switches. Other than the pain in troubleshooting, it's still a lot more cost effective to buy a $50 router occasionally than put up with the expense and extra setup of a commercial model.

Get a new router.


you mean there is no solution for it ? :S
thanx zeroth

any other suggetion or comment please ?


Assuming the red button you pushed was the Reset button, then just unplug the router from the power mains and plug back in. What you have now is a brand new router, if it's working properly. That means you will have to go back in and re-configure everything that was setup when you pushed the button.

Why did you push the button in the first place?


i discover that my problem in the firmware that it does removed from the hardware:


and these are the steps but from step 8 i dont now how to do it:

So your WAP54G is dead:
Often people think there WAP54G is dead because some lights don’t come on and the
WAP43G stops responding to ping or you can’t access the setup page.
Here is a procedure I have used when a WAP54G stops in this manner.
1. Connect and setup as above for a new WAP54G.
2. Unplug the power to the WAP54G and then turn it back on after a few seconds.
All lights should come on within around 5-10 seconds. If not, it will most likely
be the ACT light that doesn’t come on; sometimes the Link light doesn’t come on.
This seams to mean that the firmware isn’t loading for some reason, most likely
3. Do a reset on the device as described above. This may be difficult if the ACT light
isn’t working, so press and hold down the reset button for >30 seconds and then
release it. The ACT light may still not come back on.
4. Turn off the power to your WAP54G
5. From the command prompt of your client type this command without the quotes
“ping –t”, this will continuously ping the default IP of the
6. Turn on the power to the WAP54G and observer the ping response. You should
get 1 or 2 responses as the unit initially fires up. If so then try the next step. If not,
try it anyway.
7. Download the latest firmware for your hardware version.
8. From the command prompt CD to the folder where you saved the downloaded
9. Turn off the power to your WAP54G
10. From the command prompt type the following command without the quotes “tftp
-i PUT FirmwareName.trx”. Don’t forget to replace FirmwareName
with the actual name of the firmware file. It should have a TRX extension. Do
NOT use the any files with a BIN extension as they don’t work.
11. Press enter.
12. Power up your WAP54G
If all goes well you will end up back at the command prompt without any errors.
If so then wait for a while until the ACT light comes back on.


Sorry, I was reading the model number wrong and I now realize you are talking about an AP. First, I would not load a new firmware yet.

Tell me please if the AP is connected to a router. If not, what?


i connected with a router but it dosn't connected.

and i check to connected with my PC also it dosent connect.

and when i want to search for a wireless connection, there is nothing found.

so i thing the firmware removed but i dont now how to put it in the Access point.


First, if you connect an AP to a router it takes a normal ethernet cable. If you connect it directly to a computer I believe you need a crossover cable...

Second, firmware doesn't become "erased". It's programmed onto a chip in the unit...besides, you can't download new firmware unless you are connected to the unit.

How was this AP originally connected - give me a picture of the setup before you pressed reset.


Hi mr.zainal, there's alot of troubleshooting steps needed to go through with regard to the issue that you have with your AP, I suggest you call the experts on that which is Linksys, if your in the US, just dial 1-800-326-7114 or 1-800-546-5797, if your in a different country you may log-in to www.linksys.com and change the country on the upper left hand corner to match yours, then find the local linksys tech support number in your area. Note, I highly suggest this if your router is within warranty since you'll need the "case number" from them to process the replacement in case the unit has really faulty.

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